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Ripper Street
9:10pm - 09/23/2013
They are sold as Scotland Yard, but face it. They are Ripper Street. But with some dodgy Ann Summers truncheons. And Holmes & Watson.


Special Branch. The chap in the really horrible trousers and green jacket is meant to be the American one.

As far as modelling and painting goes the only real point of interest here is the coppers. A few come with separate power cables and

Curr's Company
8:51pm - 09/23/2013

This bunch was painted very quickly to get to a game of In Her Majesty's Name. As soon as I knew the board was ancient temples in a jungle I felt my current favourite Ripper Street company was not correctly attired for a jungle romp. That and the Rabble Alliance was too much work to get dropped or scratched.

The group shot misses the bunch of Perry Sudan Highlanders that assisted. They were off being all colonial

A Long Time Ago In Her Majesty's Name
11:28am - 08/29/2013

There was a time when Victorian Science Fiction(VSF) gave me the horrors. It was just all too wilfully whacky, full of war gamer “I'm mad, me” humour and blokes in top hats with welding goggles balanced on them. To be fair there is nothing wrong with a bit of wargames dress up, I have been seen on occasion modelling a grey kepi whilst shoving some good ol rebs around a board, I look like an effete English member of Lynyrd Skynrd.

This Is How It Is
11:20am - 08/29/2013

So I am updating the blog. For probably the second time in a year. Wow. The plan is to engage with the whole wargames thing with the intention of a, reminding people I am not dead and b, try to maintain a degree of sanity. If having anything to do with wargaming can be described as sane.

The first thing anyone reading this may think is “Well if you can bugger about with your own toy soldiers then you can sure

There are no more figures. They are gone.
10:25am - 08/20/2013
Recently people keep accessing old files on the server to place orders for figures. That is ingenious and brave and hopeful. I do like a tryer but I cannot sell what does not exist.

Again. I am not selling figures at the moment. They are all sold out. They will never be on sale again.


I am genuinely touched that after all this time there is still demand for them but I am not in a position to sell figures. I do vow to return and it will be with better figures.