Mystic Spirals

Painting Prices


A Note On Commissioning A Paint Job

I regard it as a collaborative process, the choices of colours are all yours. I will decide HOW to paint the figure but you will decide WHAT colours I use. This is not to say I will want you to provide a list of colours for everything on the figure, just feel free to say what you want the figure to look like. If your roleplay character likes a yellow and red striped trouser, or has a scar or tatoos please say. I'll paint them.

What I Will Paint

Most figures really, historical, fantasy or science fiction and anything in between.

Size wise I mostly do in the area of 28mm(some of which are at least 40mm...). Though I have nothing against 40mm or 20mm.

I can do vehicles, monsters and large scale display figures. These will cost more due to size. I can build custom bases like dungeon flag stone type things, wooden saloon floors, ship decks, etc usually costing an extra £5-10 depending on complexity. Or if you want to supply resin type bases I'll paint them, though an extra fee may apply.

I varnish with a hard enamel based artist's matt varnish. If you want something shinier just say.

How to get in touch

Message me through Twitter, Facebook or email.

Let me know the following

  • What you need painting and when for.
  • What standard.
  • Any special basing/varnish/colour requirements.
  • Where you are.

The Small Print.

What I Will Not Paint

  • Anything smaller than 15mm.
  • Units of 15mm figures.
  • Big units of 28mm figures at collectors quality and above. Takes too long.

Supplying Figures

  • I can source figures but will require payment(including p&p) first. You'll get to see receipts.
  • Ideally you supply the figures. Sometimes it is quicker and cheaper if you've not bought them yet to get the sellers to send direct to me.
  • I would rather you didn't build or base the models, let me do it.
  • Getting models to me safely is your responsibility. If they are particularly rare or expensive use some kind of insured delivery.


  • Payment up front for the first order. After that I send pictures of completed models and you only pay when happy.
  • Payment through Paypal and buyer pays fees or personal cheque made out in GBP.
  • In the unlikely event of non payment I shall keep any models to recoup my costs.
  • I am a sole trader and anything can happen. Any unforeseen delays will be made clear as soon as I know about them and the option to cancel given and models returned at no cost to the buyer.
  • On agreement of a contract you get a 7 day cooling off period. Any change of mind after this period and you will be charged for any work done.
  • If you change your mind on agreed colour schemes there may be an additional charge for rework.


  • Postage is charged at cost.
  • Postage is always some form of insured and tracked delivery if over £30 in value.
  • I package to withstand the worst the postal system can throw but sometimes they thwart my best bubblewrapping skills. If a parcel arrives with obvious damage take a photo before opening and then photograph any damage as you unwrap. I will usually attempt a fix if possible.